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Traded --A Memoir

(Book 3 in Bangles Series)

​Launch date: 2017

Bangles to Mom ...Letters From Pakistan 

(Book 2 in Bangles Series)

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While preparing for her first memoir, BANGLES, Marsha was contacted by people who had some of her mother's personal belongings. Marsha was over-whelmed to find many things that she thought she would have never seen again. Among these items were eyeglasses, photos, legal documents and dozens of hand-written letters that Marsha had sent home to her mother while she was abroad. 

In BANGLES to MOM,, Marsha shares some of those letters. Raw and with intensive insight to her experience and feelings at that point in time---straight from her own hand.  You do not want to miss this edition in the BANGLES SERIES.

After so many years of feelings being bottled up inside, the cork is finally ajar and these hidden emotions explode onto paper. Candid and raw, Marsha holds nothing back---with letters addressing her family, friends, past loves and her abusers; including her father---the man who traded her for a penny.

An expose' you do not want to miss!

Rose-Colored Bangles ...

Book of Poetry

While preparing for her first memoir, BANGLES, Marsha ran upon several pages of sappy love poetry that she had written during her time abroad while in love with a younger man. 

Unfortunately, those expressed feelings of love were not returned to her as one would have hoped; Marsha was living in a delusive nightmare. Eventually, she made the decision to remove her rose rose-colored bangles.

Ashamed and broken, Marsha kept these poems hidden away. But today, has released them openly.(Everyone loves a good sappy love poem every once in a while, right?)