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More Fun Facts.....


I have three amazing children --one daughter and two sons. 

My stomach starts hurting whenever I am late for ANYTHING!  I drive my family crazy because we are always the first ones to arrive at any function.

If I feel that I am being cheated in any store, I won't hesitate to start a fight with the employees.  Thus, my shopping vocabulary mostly consists of "May I speak to the manager, please !" 

My favorite historical figure is Cleopatra. 

I sneeze just like my mother, about ten times in a row.  ....thanks Mom!

The dictionary is my favorite book of all time.  Thanks again Mom!

Most kids are playing on the playground in the first grade.  Not me! I was playing 'teacher' and making my friends take tests. Sorry guys! 

Yes, I'm really from America.

(You'd be surprised how many times I get asked.)

I cried the first time I saw my pictures of the last photo shoot, because I hated my eyebrows --no, really, I still hate them! 

Give Them One Day
Lyrics By: Marsha Marie (June 2014)

Flying like the wind, Free not to be me,
But you are blinded, Its now so final.

Blind today. Blinded yesterday. Blind forever forever forever.
You didn’t stop the spirit, you didn’t stop the love.

We are together. Together forever.

You missed their smiles, Pride stood in the way,
How rich the love, Do you know? Can you say?

Blind today. Blinded yesterday. Blind forever forever forever.
You didn’t stop the spirit, you didn’t stop the love.

We are together. Together forever.

Was it just me? No No No.
The crows sing of your loss. The winds crash your pride.
Age has completed. Your sins no longer hide.

(Repeat chorus two times)

A new love lifted, too late for the clowns,
A man, a woman. You’ll never be found.


Hi. I’m Marsha "Yasmine" Marie.

I was born in Ohio, but was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. At 25, I found myself trapped in a difficult and abusive marriage. Out of desperation, I went against court orders and threw myself into a 22-year-long self-exile in Asia. I ended up in a remote farming village in Pakistan with my two small children in tote---ages three and five. I lived in that incredibly modest farming village for the next 14 years; knowing that I could not return to my homeland in the States.

Although the 14 years in the village was lived out surprisingly pleasant, I yearned for a change of scenery and lifestyle. I then packed up and moved to ‘big city’ of Islamabad. Once there I gained invaluable life experience. For instance, I joined the faculty of one of the most popular universities---teaching English and communication skills. I also trained American Accent to call center agents. I volunteered as member of a human rights committee monitoring jail conditions, and I did lots of voice-over work for local radio. Surprisingly enough, one of the local TV stations even decided to make me the topic of a mini-documentary. (Too funny to watch, really!)

Two years later, I was off spreading my wings again—this time to the United Arab Emirates. It was an amazing experience indeed. There I continued my English teaching studies and received an influential CELTA certification from the University of Cambridge in London. After which, I was given the opportunities to teach in a college, university, in private homes, royal palaces (training sheikhs and princesses). I was also invited to hold classes for the President's staff at his office in Al Ain. The most challenging of all was when I worked as Head of English Department for a year at a K-12 school with over 1,000 students. (Now that was a handful!) Altogether, I taught English writing and communication skills in UAE for about seven amazing years—loving every minutes of it! (Okay,,,,almost every minute of it.)

After upkeeping a few websites and blogs for my students as part of my teaching toolbox, I was requested to do some article writing for a couple of local magazines. They were mainly about English language development and mini-memoir pieces. It was during this time of my life that I fell deeply in love with writing and with its process; and I longed to continue with it. Recognizing that my life's story was unique, I knew that I would eventually write a book; but just didn’t know when. I would tell myself, “Not yet Marsha." 

It was the latter part of my timing in UAE, that a doctor suggested I return to the States for my young adult daughter---for her particular educational needs. But of course that meant facing the awaiting authorities and arrest warrants back home.

I did.

And so, here I am back in Phoenix, finally ready to share my story with the world. My life has been quite a marvelous roller-coaster of a journey, and I take ownership of my bad decisions along the way. I am living proof that it’s never too late to return home and make amends. My life now? Well, still dedicated to my children; but now my writing and my three cats, too. Bangles is my self-publishing debut. (Yea!!! Finally Marsha!)